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The Roswell ‘n’ Rayle Company specializes in audio strategies with an emphasis on humanity and humor.

Roswell ‘n’ Rayle (Voice Talent / Writers / Producers)

AudioRnR (The Mac Enhanced Recording Facility)

Emmy Nominees Maggie Roswell (Fox's � The Simpson's ) and Hal Rayle (Disney's � Rotten Ralph) established Roswell �n' Rayle in 1986 in Hollywood, California. Maggie had been working as a successful stage, television and voiceover actress in Los Angeles & New York. Hal had his own highly prosperous voiceover career and was assembling his own audio library of old radio and sound effects for his recording facilities in San Francisco & Los Angeles .

Maggie was a Los Angeles native and Hal a native Hoosier. The perfect blend of LA �hype� and Midwest �basics�. Roswell �n' Rayle initially established their studio to facilitate their booming voice careers, but soon they were tapped to be Writer / Producers at the award winning Bert, Barz & Kirby Comedy Radio Company . At B.B.K. Roswell & Rayle received Sunny and Belding awards for their campaigns for Bud Light, A.T.&T., Pizza Hut and Frexinet to name a few.

Raising multi-tasking to a fine art�.at the same time as they were working at B.B.K.---

Maggie was creating the voices for Maude Flanders, Helen Lovejoy, Ms. Hoover and Sharry Bobbins on the Emmy Award Winning series �The Simpson's�. Hal Rayle was voicing the Predator in The Predator 2, All of the Ghoulies in Ghoulies 2, scarry creatures in The Adams Family Movie, Virgil in Project-X as well as working with Universal Theme Parks on the voices of: The Hal-9000 Computer and Alfred Hitchcock. Their careers continued to flourish.

After 15 years in the Los Angeles and New York Markets, Roswell ‘n’ Rayle moved their recording facility to Colorado.  In 2014, they moved AudioRNR back to Hollywood. Utilizing the digital media available for delivery and production, they have created a new source of entertainment for the mobile masses. 

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