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Roswell 'n' Rayle delivers Audio in the following ways: ISDN, Radio Systems Phone Interface, CD-R (multi-formatting), Mp3, mp3, .Wav, SD-II, .aiff, rmf, mmf, qcp, pmd and of course.DAT

AudioRnR Processes the Voice in the following manner: Neumann U-87 mics into a Focusrite mic-pre. La2a / ADL tubular Leveling Amplifiers set to the timing of a WAVES L2 Ultramaximizer onto a Pro-Tools Digi-002R Platform with the PLATINUM WAVES PACKAGE.and it is rock and roll from there.

Our 2 nd Unit Remote Team is equipped with: Tascam DA-P1 DAT Recorders. The chosen mic is the SANKEN CMS-9 Stereo / Boom.

How does AudioRnR design & record their sound? These companies make it happen:

Pro-Tools (digi-002)



Focusrite Mic-Pre Amps

Apple G-4

Comcast High Speed Cable

Telos Zephyr

Radio Systems Inc.







Teletronix La2a

ADL Audio ompression Labs

Contact Information:

Studio: (303) 694-4467

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